Dieter May



Dieter May joined BMW in 05/2014. He has 23 years of experience in global high tech companies, spanning mobile products, large-scale cloud based consumer services and semiconductor technology. Dieter has a track record in scaling, transforming and re-positioning of global businesses. During his career, Dieter built and managed large scale and high performance teams in the US, Europe, India and China. His portfolio includes setting-up digital consumer services activities in Nokia with more than 200 M active users and focus on emerging markets, connecting the next billion consumers to the internet.  He also ran Nokia’s Emerging Businesses Unit and was instrumental in multiple strategic acquisitions. During his Corporate Strategy leadership with Infineon, the company made significant strides into the systems and solutions business and built the basis for its China activities. Dieter was also turning around one of Infineon’s global business divisions. In addition to his consulting background with Booz, Dieter held management positions with Motorola Semiconductors and IBM.